Tuesday, October 14, 2008

What.. Oakley?

I remember when I was younger, in my teens, those cool looking shades were almost certainly Oakleys. Everyone wants to look good, there's nothing wrong with looking good. If Oakley shades made someone look good, why not have a pair myself? That was the thought in my mind. Unfortunately coming from a moderate family, they were just too expensive and deemed only for the higher status people.

Weeks ago, I managed to bring in all kinds of eyewears, normal prescription spectacles and all kinds of shades. I realised that there are many people out there who wants to look good with eyewears, and I can help them look good! Of course looking good comes with a price; the cost. What if I could lower the COST so more people can look good? Sounds good!

Oakleys is special because of:
1. LIFETIME guarantee
2. Impact resistant
3. Crazy technologies for its lenses making them almost the best - hydrophobic, High density optic etc

Oakley for men is basically divided into:
1. Sports performance
2. Active lifestyle
3. Square O
4. Limited/special editions: Signature series, Ducati edition

Feel free to get in touch with me to discuss about your future Oakley shades!

Below are the different models available for men

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