Saturday, November 8, 2008

What are sunglasses?

The word sunglasses is commonly spoken about, and many would know what it means. By definition according to the dictionary, it is: eyeglasses with colored or tinted lenses that protect the eyes from the glare and dangerous rays of sunlight. The thing is, do we actually know how sunglasses protect the eyes? How it actually works?

The sun damages the eyes, and the effect is posted below (cataract). Check out a video of how sunglasses work and why each one of us should at least have 1 or more QUALITY sunglasses. Enjoy the video!

Now that's what a pair of normal sunglasses do. Oakley sunglasses has extra protection, for eg impact protection etc. Check out videos in the previous post for more details!

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Smith said...

Oakley sunglasses are very popular among sportsmen.